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A 6 part webinar training course that covers the following.

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis

    Get an insight into chart types, trends, ranges, support & resistance, candlesticks, Fibonacci levels and moving averages indicators

  • The Best Trend Indicators & Chart Patterns

    Learn the top technical trading tools and chart patterns used by professional traders to help identify the price direction.

  • The Top Strategies for Trading Trend

    A deep dive into trend based trading strategies used to find and execute the best trading set-ups to maximize profits.

  • Trading Forex, Commodities, Indices, & Stocks

    Gain an understanding of the various subtle differences of trading different classes of symbols on the trading platform.

  • Understanding the Impact of News on the Markets

    How understanding the impact of global political and economic news will vastly improve your ability to make profits in the markets.

  • Building Your Trading Plan

    Learn why building a trading plan is key to your trading success and what elements you need to include from risk management, trading style, systems and much more.



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